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Anita's Story

Anita's Story

The people at MSWA are experts at what they do.

The physiotherapist and occupational therapist I have are as integral to my life as my meditation is. I can’t say enough about Rina, my physio, she’s gone above and beyond to get me the services I need.

MSWA and the NDIS have given me the freedom and independence to be able to do the things that are important to me. 
They enrich my life and allow me to maintain my sense of dignity.

Anita was diagnosed with MS in 1989.

Lyndee's Story

Lyndee's Story

MSWA has given me life again that I kind of lost when I got the stroke. The care and support I get as a full-time resident at Fern River, an MSWA high support accommodation facility, is just amazing.

From working with the MSWA physiotherapist I’ve got some movement back in my left side, which has helped with my talking, which is good because I’m a bit of a social butterfly!

My granddaughter Lyric visits me and even stays over during school holidays. I can’t walk but I can take her out on my own and, at 12, she’s quite mature and she looks after her Nanna!

Lyndee suffered a stroke in 2009.

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