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Life with a neurological condition


Life has been a tale of life-changing moments for Nicolette Murphy, all of which have shaped her into the person she is today. The world was her oyster, and nothing could slow her down until she started collapsing from exhaustion after her daily runs.

Confused as to why her body couldn’t keep up, she decided to have a break from running. This is her first memory of multiple sclerosis (MS), which was diagnosed 11 years later. Her initial symptoms were loss of fine motor skills in her hands and feet and difficulty doing work around the home.

“I was by myself when the MRI confirmed I had Relapsing Remitting MS (RRMS) in 2010. A doctor found me crying and told me to research Betty Cuthbert, I’ll always be thankful for that advice. She achieved so much whilst living with MS, it gave me confidence to accept my diagnosis,” Nicolette said.

When Nicolette reached out to MSWA, she felt a sense of relief that she would receive support for herself and family.

“I’m a single mother with two young sons which keeps me busy and doing it alone can be hard, but MSWA’s support has grown every year,” Nicolette added. She currently accesses physiotherapy and occupational therapy at MSWA’s Joondalup facility, and nursing and domestic support at home.

“The MSWA support worker is part of our family now, and my sons, Sebastian and Nathaniel think she’s magic. We would be lost without her,”

Now 49 years of age, Nicolette’s condition has started to affect her ability to walk, and she is experiencing loss of fine motor skills, fatigue and heat intolerance. But not one to be held back by obstacles, she’s been able to adjust gradually.

Nicolette will soon be accessing the $8 million supported accommodation and services facility in Butler, when it opens early this year and is even closer to home.

“I feel fortunate that I will have access to a brand-new facility and vital equipment all tailored to suit my needs.”

Every MSWA Mega Home Lottery ticket sold makes a huge difference to the lives of thousands of people living with MS and all neurological conditions, like Nicolette.

Your support matters

Through your support of the MSWA Mega Home Lottery, MSWA is able to contribute:

High Support Accommodation


to build a new High Support Accommodation and Service Facility in Butler.

Fund Research


to fund research into MS and other neurological conditions.