It was a long road to diagnosis for Hayley, who began experiencing MS symptoms at just 16 years of age. After countless appointments to get to the bottom of her symptoms, she was officially diagnosed 10 years on, following a significant relapse.

Thankfully, MSWA has supported Hayley since the beginning of her MS journey, to care for both her physical and mental wellbeing. It’s the work of people like Brodie (pictured left), whose fundraising efforts behind the scenes at MSWA make this level of support, and hope for a cure, possible for our Clients.

“MSWA has been there for me since the beginning – I couldn’t have done it without them. It’s really important to remember you aren’t MS. MS is a part of your life, but it isn’t your life.”

– Hayley

Every ticket purchased in the Mega Home Lottery allows MSWA to provide support services, access to cutting-edge technology, relaxing respite care and world class high-support accommodation. Our team of professionals work collaboratively with Clients to achieve positive health outcomes, so they can focus on the important stuff - like living their best lives.