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For one lucky winner, 2016 couldn’t have been any bigger. A ticket in MSWA’s Mega Home Lottery returned Neville Biggins first prize, a stunning $1.7 million, fully-furnished, luxury home in Hillarys and $500,000 cash.

“I’m in a state of shock. I’d been out with my friends and we were watching the prize draw on the TV and my name came up and I just sat there and said, I don’t believe it, I’m sure that’s me. Then my little god-daughter, she flew through the door and did about six cartwheels and she said, it’s you, it’s you,” said Neville.

Neville has been buying tickets in the MSWA Mega Home Lottery for the past six years. While he is getting used to being the proud owner of a stunning home, Neville has the wonderful dilemma of deciding what to do with half a million dollars.

As well as the $2.2 million first prize, the most recent MSWA Mega Home Lottery gave away 8,350 prizes worth more than $5.1 million, including luxury cars, overseas holidays, electronics and whitegoods.

“For MSWA, the MSWA Mega Home Lottery is a win-win situation. It’s great to see someone like Neville have his life changed forever. And, we invest the proceeds from the Lottery in helping make the lives of people with MS and other neurological conditions better,” said MSWA CEO, Marcus Stafford.

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